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Awesome photos and drawings. Can't wait for new updates.

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Just buy it. Support was excellent, my email was answered within a day. Keep it up. The app uses localized content with a layout that is optimized for your device's screen.

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And with very fast loading times. When new content becomes available it can be directly downloaded to your device: No need to sync with iTunes or to update the whole application from the App Store. The app supports full text searching across all articles simultaneously, directly from the home screen. Many article images have underlying hi-res versions available for detailed analysis of disease characteristics. The Radiology Assistant incorporates a fullscreen display feature that shows hi-res content at full Retina resolution, without leaving your place in the article; even when offline.

This allows for easier reviewing of large image-tables and for much better appreciation of subtle disease features on hi-res plain films or detailed drawings.

The Radiology Assistant : iPad version of the Radiology Assistant

Several articles feature stacks of images you can browse. The Radiology Assistant incorporates a fullscreen stack scroll mode that allows you to browse image stacks fullscreen, without leaving your place in the article; even when offline. If you have comments or questions - or if you would like certain features to be implemented - please feel free to contact us through support doRadiology. Latest Stories. Read more. The Gmail mobile app redesign is bright white -- but there are workarounds Until a dark theme or dark mode arrives, you can use a mobile browser that has one built in.

Radiology on the go with WebViewer mobile app

Please Wait. So here it is the iPad version of the Radiology Assistant. It is the best way to study the content of the radiology asistant. You can use it when and wherever you want, because you don't have to be online. There are over 70 articles in 8 categories with regular updates. Just click on a category and find the article that you're interested in. If you want to study a specific topic, then go to the search function and type the subject of your interest and you will be directed to the articles. This a good app however lately unable to update the new articles Hope this issue can be fixed.

Great resource. Doesn't cover everything but what it covers it does a very good job. Limited Topics wasted money. I searched for "hip". There was only one relevant case, and it was on hip replacement Relevant to actual surgery and follow up.

iPad version of the Radiology Assistant

I expected to find "something" about MSK hip, a current natural hip, not just replacements. The cases are specific.

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If your interest is there, you will like it. I think customer should be able to search for what's available, before paying. Very good. I am cardiologist. This app is very good. Nice app for a great reference site.

I found the online website through google search and found several of the articles very helpful as they provide an algorithm in diagnosing and managing certain lesions in radiology. The app is very well done and the only hiccup I noticed was the app occasionally crashing when using the scrolling feature in the T bone section.

The articles look great in an iPhone 5. Do you want to learn more about BestApps BV?

Radiology assistant for ipad

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