Uninstall apps after rooting android

The instructions that you mentioned in the non-rooted phone where you force stop and then disable the app is a process that I have used a few times and works well. However, you failed to mention that there is a couple situations where that does not work at all.

Uninstalling vs. Disabling Bloatware

I'm currently dealing with the Documents app continually force closing. For instance if I'm on a website and I want to change my profile picture and I hit change picture it will automatically pull up the documents app regardless of me force stopping it and disabling it, it always restart.

I have tried dozens of different apps to try to replace that one or at least defaulting to a different program but it just is not possible!

Account Options

For me it's a tie-in sale. Which is illegal. You buy a phone including its OS and they force you to used third party apps Facebook for example.

How to UNINSTALL Pre-Installed Apps/BloatWares On Any Android Device

Well I can decided simply not use the apps not clicking on them, but they are taking space in my phone. If I want to use another email manager instead of Gmail, I need to install a second app, ending up consuming memory space. The apps we cannot remove change every new version of the OS, which means we have no choice whether we want them or not. Its good. I thought to delete some apps bcs im missusing them. Bt i think controlling our mind will be better option fr me. Thank u. I'll try this if needed. Thank u? I am still unable to uninstall the two apps I do not want Pinterest and Fb and its messenger Thank you!!

Reasons to Remove Preinstalled Android Apps

I just got my phone rooted, and I don't know what system app to remove or what else to do to put my phone in optimum performance, pls I need your help, thanks. I just got my phone rooted, I don't know what system app to remove or what else to do to put my phone in optimum performance pls I need your help, thanks. I've got 65 apps showing. I did a sweep on my Samsung S5 it said all apps were clean. I posed on here earlier how can I remove some of my apps so that I download Candy Crush Saga so I can play the game that I like to play what can I do to get back?

I would like to be able to remove some of my apps so that I can download Candy Crush Saga again because I like playing this game. Can someone help me please? Easy does it, though. I have qtab android version. I disable,force stop. I follow your method and download system app remover but says to download one click root i download it too. I am a female and not have much idea about these roots etc. I shall be very thankfulif you reply me via gmai. So does such a list exist?

How to Disable Bloatware With Android’s Built-In Setting

How are we supposed to know the gory details on these things without having to do each one individually and waiting for something to start malfunctioning? There has to be a list or some other better way. Here's hoping such a list or alternative exists.. Am desperately seeking an alternative keyboard.. I can't stand it anymore.. Don't like having my profanity censored and autocorrect just pisses me off anymore.

What good is a keyboard that I spend half my time fixing "autocorrected" messages?

How to Remove bloatware (pre-installed apps) on Android

I have tried Switftkey, Dextr, Textra, Swype, and many others - all free. Am exasperated. I don't text in multiple languages, I don't use swype, I refuse to to type a list of all words I want my dictionary to "allow". Why should I have to spend hours creating a list that the geniuses that make the keyboards have already created?

How to remove bloatware and preinstalled Android apps | AndroidPIT

They'd have to have created it since they know exactly which words are flagged. System App Remover can't remove these malware: Monkeytest, TimeService, mobileOcr, engrils. Any help? Try using Malwarebytes, free version nets two weeks of premium service, after that you have to pay. Worth it, though. Good luck with it! Beacuse i can not deactivate it It supports almost any Android device and version. KingoRoot for Android is the most convenient and powerful apk root tool.

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Root any Android device and version without connecting to PC. Toggle navigation. And what about it? How to remove bloatware on Android devices? Step 1: First of all. You need to root your Android. How to root your Android with Kingo Android Root? Step 2: Step 3: How do you remove bloatware from your Android devices? Share your experience in the discussion thread below.

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