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Wattpad is an ebook reader that gives you access to more than , titles, which can be downloaded and read on your BlackBerry. If you're a fan of reading then Wattpad is an app that will provide a lot of enjoyment for you.

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A huge community of users has helped to contribute to this staggering collection of works, and you can even add your own ebooks if you like. Finding stuff to read with Wattpad is very straightforward. If you're looking for inspiration and ideas of what to read then check out the What's New and What's Hot categories.

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You can also check out reviews from readers of books on Wattpad. Books that you grab are added to your Wattpad library, which appears whenever you launch the application. There are lots of features within Wattpad designed to assist your reading.

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You can set the background and text colors, change the font and its size, and flip between landscape and portrait mode. Start reading on your PDA or smartphone today! Read all the ebooks in the Mobipocket ebookstore - including dictionaries, synchronize enews channels, view your personal documents.

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Mobipocket Reader includes powerful and easy-to-use features that will enable you to personalize and make the most out of your reading experience. I like the reader and have it for several years but have had it on a windows mobile phone. What do you think about Mobipocket Reader? Do you recommend it?

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Author's review From eBooks and eNews to reference material and desktop documents, Mobipocket Reader gives you access to thousands of titles including current bestsellers, world renowned dictionaries, as well as major enews websites, RSS feeds and weblogs. Art Gallery v.


Get Punked. Chris Cornell's Stop Me.

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