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While most note-taking apps scale well when you try to use them on the iPad, there are a few apps that just work better with larger screens. MyScript Nebo is one of those apps. This note-taking app has been recommended by Apple many times for those who like to take notes with their Apple Pencil, and we find no reason to disagree with them in regards to that recommendation. MyScript Nebo allows iPad and Pencil users to create rich notes full of images and various fonts.

The app even features rich diagram creation options that are perfect for professional presentations. Ok, ok…you caught us yet again. Instead, it allows you to create custom fonts that can be used in note apps as well as other programs. Honestly, though, that makes it good enough to recommend to a fair number of people. For publically shared notes, this font maker is a blessing. For quite some time now, Evernote has served as something of a gold standard for note apps.

It helped raise the bar for what note-taking apps are capable of and has been downloaded countless times. Along with the usual array of graphs, images, and charts, Evernote also offers fantastic scanning options. The only problem with Evernote is that its best version is hidden behind a questionable paywall.

Rather than ask you to take your own notes like our primitive ancestors did, LiquidText lets you simply transfer and adapt the information that exists in other forms and turn them into notes. LiquidText allows you to import information from web pages, documents, and other sources.

From there, you can assemble a collage of information and enjoy features that allow you to connect the dots between pages as well as review the original source of any imported information. Like most sequels, that means that Noteshelf is bigger, brighter, and better than the original. In the case of Noteshelf 2, those improvements mean that this app builds upon the already fantastic design and style elements that made the original such a success.

Noteshelf 2 is a great source for good-looking apps that are easy to make. The battle to become the best note app has turned into a kind of digital arms race. App makers are tripping over themselves in an effort to incorporate as many advanced features as they can. Simplenote is a bit different. Rather than throw a series of complicated features at you, Simplenote wants to be your best friend when it comes to the act of just jotting down information.

Google Keep most certainly lives up to that billing.

2. ColorNote

The great thing about Google Keep is the way that it allows you to easily utilize several different designs that are perfect for a variety of notes. What it is, though, is a slightly visually appealing app that makes up for some bland design elements with a variety of features that those who prefer a professional style of note app will surely admire. For those who are creating notes they want to share with others, OneNote is a tremendous app. For many people, note apps are a way to quickly organize personal information.

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Dates, parking spots, grocery lists…that kind of thing. However, there are times when the notes you take are designed to be shared with other people.

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For those times, you need Paper. Bear is quickly and quietly becoming one of the most popular and beloved note apps out there.

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Bear is just a really good note app. Being a really good note app might not sound like enough, but using Bear really helps you understand why some apps are better than others. You can create notes, to-do lists, notebooks in the app, and your data will be synced across all devices if signed in. Photos can be inserted into notes, and do not forget to use handwriting tool in the OneNote app. In order to sync your data across devices, sign-in is required in the app.

You can add text, checklist, and multimedia content to your notes, as well as handwriting and painting tools are also available in the editor.

6 of the Best Note-taking Apps for iOS in 2018

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you use the app, it sounds very simple, but it has great features behind the scenes like cloud sync, change notes color, lock notes with master password and more ColorNote on Google Play is the most downloaded and highly rated Notepad app. A lack of multimedia support speeds the app up dramatically, with virtually zero time between opening the app and jotting a note. The simple note structure can also be easily transported to a new environment, either when leaving the service or archiving your notes.

Google Keep is a powerful note-taking and media-collection platform for the scrapbook maker in your heart. Collect images, videos, files, notes and anything else from around the Web and save them in Google Keep. However, organizational options beyond labels and smart organization would be useful, and a recent loss of a number of features is disappointing. Considering how fond the tech giant is of killing off older applications, who knows when Google will suddenly pull the plug on Keep. The iOS app is robust, with a well-thought-out interface and gesture-based workflow.

In addition to text and checklists, you can capture audio, photos, drawings and files to your notebook. This app has been the grand-daddy of digital note-taking apps for years, with support for heavy organization and a broad range of multimedia content.

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Evernote is like your attic, where all the things you might need one day live. Evernote is extremely powerful as a desktop app, with an awesome web clipper that can ingest content from anywhere on the web. The app includes killer productivity features like a built-in document scanner with optical character recognition to search your scans.

If simplicity is more of a blessing than a curse, Simplenote keeps distractions at a minimum. Bear is the note-taking app for web writers. I can suggest one more tool here to manage both task and time, i.