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SGH-I Android version: How do get emoji on the S3?? I am facing a problem. What is System Update? Normally,how many hours is needed for it? My S3 is undergoing System Update,and it is not done even after 12 hours. It is very inconvenient. I try to terminate the update by taking out the battery,but it continue after I switch it on again. Is that something wrong with my phone? And since you already tried removing the battery I would suggest bringing it to the store where you bought it, so they can take a look at it.

Thanks a lot for the reviews. Therefore I am not going to update my S3!!!! I can certainly understand why you would not want to update after reading the comments in this tutorial. Just keep in mind the thousands of people who successfully updated their phones and as a result never had the need to ask for help. Keep in mind that the speed issue is not the only thing this update addresses.

If you update your phone will get the latest security and software features as well. If I was you I would reconsider. Best of luck, Bertil androidfact. Everyone who has the 4. I had auto updates turned off and 4. Just because most people do not complain about it does not mean they are ok with their phone being sabotaged.

You should be ashamed of yourself for defending the 4. There are literally no positive comments for it save samsung employees. I have no problem with doing updates because obviously there are upgrades needed to be done and that is reasonable. Now you know why some of us buy new devices, with the clear intent of voiding our warranties before we leave the parking space at the shop. I have rooted devices and installed CyanogenMod before getting the phone home. The first time I was told I would be charged a hundred and fifty dollars for service, on top of my monthly insurance, and being without my phone for two weeks, I flipped out.

Within 15 minutes, I had a shiny new phone, that I could do everything I wanted to it. Dear all I have other problem This one, regular methods to update sothware are not working for me… Together with my girlfriend, we bought S3 phones, the same day, the same network, the same wersion and even colour. One phone is updating the software automaticly and currently on Android 4,3 while the other one working under Android 4,1…. I turn to the TMobile UK shop where it was bought, and they also can not help… does anyone have other ideas please….?

As a last resort I have heard it helps for some to remove the SIM before attempting to update. Why not give that a try and let me know if it works out for you. I upgraded the software on my Samsung galaxy s3 to android 4. Since doing so, Kies does not sync my outlook calendar with my phone! Anyone else faced this problem, or got a solution?

Ever since the last update, I am no longer able to snap a still shot from a video that I took is playing. Like taking a screen shot. Help — anyone know anything about this, how to get that feature back? I HATE this update. My Wi-Fi will not work at all anymore!!! No matter how many times I add it or restart my phone. It also keeps downloading a lot of old pictures that I deleted months ago over and over and over again. My husband downloaded the update, but he has no issues and the Wi-Fi is working on his phone.

I am going to factory reset my phone tomorrow. I hope it fixes it. I have the same problem and I dont no what I want to do and it keeps going in and out of my WiFi…what did you do to fix it?? I am facing the same problem. Any solutions to connect wifi please reply. I have the Verizon SGS3, and I have been using this update for about a week, but suddenly my phone turned off and will not turn back on. Can you please help me? From there try a factory reset. Hope this works for you!

I haven tried this as well but i doesnt boot anymore.. I am stuck on Samsong logo since yesterday, cannot do factory re set, also cannot connect to kies through usb, any ideas please,?? There is a second way of factory resetting your device in case this happens. I wrote a tutorial on the topic for the Samsung Galaxy S5 but the procedure is the same for the S3.

Please help to solve this. For your baseband version the update might not have been released. Same is the case with me. For this version, update is not yet available. Remove your memory card and start your phone……. Hey i have the same version as yours. Is it still not yet on the list to be updated? Cause im dying to update my phone.. Bikesh, same problem with me….!! Tried via kies, it says your firmware is not supported for update. Can any tell me what does this mean: Current firware version — pda: So far those are the only problems he has had.

Anyone know how to fix those? I updated my S3 to a new version a few days ago and fully regret it today. Does anyone had that problem resolved? Spent hours on net trying to find answer, but no solution. Kies 4. Used AirDroid to connect wirelessly, since Kies Air would not download multiple files. It used to do this…. Hey guys! Other peoples text messages on my phone show up with a coffee cup looking thing beside it …..

I HATE this latest update! The lock screen layout is what I hate the absolute most! I dont want my private messages on the screen for whomever is around me or holding my phone to see! I feel the same way Susan, i had everything just the way i liked it, finally. I absolutely hate the new lock screen, i liked it that the pattern was invisible until i swiped the screen.

I hope they make it we can have it set up that way again…. The best way of getting rid of bugs after an update is to do a factory reset. I made a tutorial to help you get this done: I tried to update my android 4. I just updated S3 4G. It says the latest updates are in, but only since it was last checked, which for me was when I got my phone. You have to click check for updates and then you will be able to update. My Samsung S3 updated last week and ever since constantly notify s me that my internet connection is unstable, i have backed everything up and restored my phone as told to by Samsung, but this has not helped at all, can you help me please, what should i try next?

My problem after Android 4. I wanted to update it but it wont update to 4. I rooted it a time a ago it has a count of 5 know does that matter? I think you may have to unroot your phone before trying to update with an official update from Samsung. Its unrooted yesterday I preformed a full reset with samsung kies firmware and everything no apps what needs root access. You still need to reset root counter. Try to use Triangle Remove app. Removing memory card also helps sometimes. After downloading Google will no longer stream even desktop view is not working properly…..

Hi iv done an update on my phone today its been at least 8 hours since it started and all my phone shows is the black screen with samsung wrote across it. You guys and gals that gets a black screen after updating your phones should try to do a factory reset.

I made a tutorial for this on the Galaxy s4 but the procedure should be the same on the S3. Check it out right here: I guess you should look towards the bottom of the article and the second way of resetting since your phones Os does not load. Hope this helps. Updated software on my Sprint Galaxy S3. Driving me nuts!! Help- How do I make it stop. Thank you so much for posting how to clear this up. It has been driving me crazy with my notifications going off every two minutes! This was beautiful advice thank you so very much next task figure out how to stop flashing light with alarm.

I can not get my phone to stop flashing the light when someone calls and when the alarm goes off, since the upgrade: These updates are horrible! If you are trying to update your phone and you can not then do not bother! Wait till they fix all of he bugs! There are so many issues with these updates that I would love to find out a way to uninstall them? How do I go about doing this, can someone please let me know?! Here are the reasons why these new updates are awful:. It takes so long for the screen to come up, when I start to type there is a huge delay, then there is a huge delay in sending the messages, when a new message comes in you have to click out of the screen and then you see the new message!

When you receive a message a huge box comes up on the home screen, not a little circle like before with the of txt. I do not see an option to take it off anywhere!

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I do not want that time to be displayed side by side with the time! I was going crazy trying to get rid of the notifications. Otherwise I love the update. I wanted to thank a lot of you for posting comments on how to resolve the issue on updating the S3. I like many others have the 4. I have tried removing the sim card still did not work.

I have not tried doing a factory reset thinking nothing will happen. I even tried using KIES air still did not work. Any help would be appreciated. BRO trying doing it again but this time tick the box check for update automatically and then check for update … i was having the same problem.. After completing the updates on my galaxy 3 my contacts disappeared.

How can I resolve this issue? Anyone who can guide me in the right direction as to where I can download 4. When I connect it to Kies it says it does not support my firmware even though I just used Kies to update it. Hi, im having samsung s3-I mobile.

GT-I9300 - Samsung Galaxy S 3 (International) Firmware Download

My os is 4. Hi, I have update to 4. Please help me, Thanks. Try using the second way of resetting your phone found in this article http: Same problem with me… unable to update my SGS3… i only have 4.

Unable to update the latest one.. How should i go about the update? I have to share this tip that Remy told us about on another tutorial. Everybody that is carrier blocked for the update, start the phone without a SIM card and run the update procedure again. Hey there. My mobile phone is samsung galaxy s3 version 4. Hi if you are worried that you might lose your data you should backup the data you need. In the article there are links to other tutorials on this subject. Although it is very rare that data is lost you should backup the data you need.

I have updated Android phones many times, including the galaxy s3 and I never lost a single byte. I said yes update software, but it crashes or something as data cannot open file. Been trying for weeks. I want this damn update! Sounds like you have tried just about all the options there is. The only thing I can think of is, did you factory reset your phone before attempting to update?

My suggestion is to factory reset your phone and give it another try. Just remember to backup all of your data before doing so. If you are not sure how to do this I suggest reading the following tutorial: I believe that the latest Android version for the S3 mini is still 4. If you want to check if a newer version is available you can follow the instructions in the article above. The steps should be the same for the Galaxy s3 mini as for the original S3.

I can hope that the S3 Mini will be included in the 4. You can read the full story here: My texting is now messed up. They took away the dictionary setting. All I have is predictive txt or nothing. I was told the a factory reset will fix this problem.

I have an s3 android version 4. And in additon, I am unable to take screenshots. Hey plz help me as my samsung galaxy s3 got an issue. I tried all the things hard reset and all. I have no re-rooted. I tried to upgrade firmware on Kies but keep getting error message saying that this Model is not supported. Any advise? You have to root your phone for updating otherwise non oficial update using other methods not kies. Hi I updated my S3 to latest update and ever since it just keeps re-booting.

It hardly stays like for sec on home page and keeps restarting. My email id — poojaabraje gmail. Same problem here, i think release of a new update is the problem, if anyone has a solution for the above, please do mail me the solution. I have the same problem as above. I suspect its cause of the software update.

If you can please help me on this one Id really appreciate it. Thank you in advance! I will have to advice you as I did everyone else who has problems updating their phone. Try updating your device through Kies, you will find a link to a tutorial in the article. I have 4. Thanks for your help! I was advised to do this update by a Verizon customer service representative and they were surprised to. For people who get that message it is worth a try updating with kies.

You can find a link in the article for a tutorial on how to do it. Hi there i just installed the new firmware update and my phone stays at 4. Not jet. I read somewhere that a 4. Great article — very knowledgeable and helpful! Open Europe, then Carrier: Would this update work on a U. I downloaded the update and it screwed up my email.

For some reason about every 15 minutes I get a notification that I have new emails but it is really pulling my past emails. Anyone know how to fix this? Did you reset your phone after you updated? This usually sorts out these kind of post update problems. I just updated my software yesterday. Now I am not able to initiate a call by swiping a contact. I can still message by swiping left, but swiping right does nothing. Is there a way to revert back to the previous software version? Thanks in advance. Hi I Levy There is no simple way of doing this. I would rather try doing a factory reset and check if that solves the problem.

If this does not help you could flash your phone with another firmware but this is something you have to think carefully about before doing it, as this will void you warranty. I have a samsung galaxy s3 and I want to update but I dont know what it will do to My phone!? Will it delete everything and start again or will it keep everything and just make it a better phone!?

Please reply!! Unless you are extremely unlucky the update will not erase any of your data. Since I wrote this article I have come in touch with a few people who have had problems but for the most part updating will simply make your phone better. Updating my phone did the trick. I also shared your info to hopefully help others, especially with the Instagram Video update issue.

Thank you and Aloha from Hawaii. Ig badaccents ;D. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 as well and have tried to update my phone on Kies and on software update in the settings of my phone as well. I know that there are more android versions so I try updating but it says the latest updates have already been installed. I have been trying to update my phone for 5 months now and nothing is working. Please help me with this! As soon as you click on the update button my phone identification disappears in the top left and changes to connect a device.

It would seem that you have tried all the possible solutions to the problem that I know of. In this case I would try contacting Samsung support. The url for Samsung supprt in the UK is: Updating your phone through Kies does not mean clicking the Kies Air icon on your phone. Follow the link in the tutorial to check out how to update your phone using Kies Software on your computer… If no update is available on your phone this is the best way of updating your Galaxy s3 cell phone.

I have galaxy s3 and I want to update my phone the version is when i go to software update it says The latest updates have already been installed plz help me??????????? Hi Petra. Visit a mobile provider customer care centres In your area, they should have a tool that will clip the plastic off. I have the S3 on orange. I have had it about a year now and I want to upgrade its software. Will the kies way be ok? I have tried updating several phones with Kies and never had any problems. I have a S3 and have been using the same for almost 7 months now.

Suddenly it has started showing Sudden Death symptons. The phone shuts down automatically and will not start untill battery removed. Have sent the phone in the service center and they have told me that it had not been updated properly, hence a problem with the RAM stuck up and thus phone shutting down.

They have flased the phone and installed new software. Is the problem a software issue or a Hardware issue. Have read that its a hardware issue. Dont want the hassle to give it back against for the same issue. Please advise… Thanks in advance. Hi chintzy, My friend had same problem with his smartphone. Even service center guys siad same reasons. After escalating this issue, they found out the actual problem was with the power button on right side.

I have Gs3 thru T-Mobile. On my last holiday I put my s3 in airplane mode while in air and the Wi-Fi worked like a charm. Hi, My firmware update is working fine, I just wanted to know what the N and little signal icon at the top of the screen means..? I bought my samsung galaxy s3 from korea as it is cheaper there.

Since im using a philippine provider, i cannot do that. Pls help me, i want to get the best out of my phone. I am having the exact same problem! Did you find a solution for this? This website is dedicated to anything that has to do with Android. You will have to go somewhere else to find help regarding your apple device. Same for me.. I bet you regret putting this on your blog with all these end users hounding you for a fix ;. Nah thats ok. I only wish I could help more.

Uninstalling an update is not very easy. Most likely the stock settings are set to a more battery consuming setting. I would check out this tutorial I wrote on conserving battery on the Galaxy s3: I am posting a comment as i have updated my phone with no problems. I have unlimited data on my sim but opted like last time for WIFI as it is quicker and i have to say it has been stress free. I never seek updates and only do so when promoted by the S3. People who are having issues may need to consider that when you buy a phone be it on contract or second hand or sim free brand new like i did that the phone needs to be for the country you are in.

I know of a person who bought a second hand as new S3 but can not update his phone as it was for the Asian market only but the phone is fast for his needs.. Should I let it continue or try a restart? Hi, Iv just updated my phone and come up with the same problem you mentioned….. Email works the rest of the time though. I have the Galaxy S3, with T-Mobile. I have tried to push the update thru, but the response that I get after I click on Software update is…. Try later. I have never heard such a thing. Any suggestions? The first thing I would try was to turn off the automatic update and give it another shot.

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This has actually worked for some. If this fails I would update my phone with the computer program Kies from Samsung. You can find a link to a tutorial on this subject in the article above. I got kies to reinstall the cable drivers using its help feature and I still have the same problem. Please any help would be appreciated, thank you. Pull down the notification area on your phone. If you can see that it says connected as a camera, press that area to change your USB options.

Pick the connect as Media device. Your phone should now connect to kies as it should. When i checked for update on my phone galaxy s3 , i found a message told me that my device has been modified and software updates are not available!!!!! Very thanks for your expected cooperation. It has blown all my mobile data and for the month: But if I turn OFF the Auto Update setting on the Software update screen first and then ask it to do the Update it now happily downloads that rotten JellyBean update and applies it successfully.

Can you help me out here please? I think my phone has sudden death syndrome. What can I do??? Many s3 owners that comes to this site has reported the same problem. So many indeed that I contacted SAmsung support to hear what they had to say about it. Basically this is what they said:. They had never heard of this spesific problem but would suggest the following way to update the Galaxy s I had this problem while updating once. This should make the update get back on track.

Strangely hitting that notification area message seems to have no effect at all. So Honestly, is this update Worth It after reading all the problems…. Thanks, Mac. Well I guess if you ask the people who have problems getting it right they would likely say that it is not worth it.

But then again if you ask the millions of people who have updated their device without problem they would say that it was worth it. Consider the fact that those who updated without problem would probably not post on this article, while those who have problems are more likely to post to get help: I upgraded my phone to 4. Now it took ages to load contacts phone log and messages and also its playing and high performance games like Asphalt 7, comtract killer 2, Modern Combat 3 and many more like them…..

Can you tell me whats the problem with it and what should I do. Samsung recommends that you do a factory reset after updating. You can find a link to a tutorial a few posts down. Hopefully this will help you get back the performance you are used to.

How to Update Samsung S3 GT-I9300 lollipop 5.1.1

Tried updating firmware via Kies on pc. I would try the following: Hold for a while and this should bring up the recovery mode. You will have to confirm your choice on the next screen. Let me know how it turned out. Few days ago I instaled the new updates to my Galaxy S3 and now I hate my phone!! It started to freeze and to reboot a few times per day. The Games and the music are also not running smoothly like before. Please help!! Is there a way to uninstal the last updates? Most likely your phone needs a factory reset as Samsung recomends after doing an update.

If you are not sure how to do it check out this tutorial: Remember to back up your data and contacts before you reset your phone! It only show tel no without names. Does anyone have this problem and is there any way to solve it?

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Most times when people run into these little glitches after an update all thay need to do is a factory reset to get it right again. Am in Tanzania Am using galaxy 3 which was bought in korea, when i tried to update it failed and ask me to use skt usim card to update, i do not know what is skt usim card, What should i do? I am not familiar with this problem but I found this link for you which might have the solution for you: And make sure that you wait seconds to confirm complete the power down cycle.

After a few seconds of that, the phone will enter download mode. Run Odin3 v3. If for some reason, you do not see the said notification, try another USB port. Select the following files in Odin at their respective tabs from extracted firmware folder: Use only if you got it while extracting in step 1 above, otherwise ignore it. In Odin window, make sure Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time checkboxes are selected. Please make sure that Re-Partition checkbox is selected, only if you are using a. Download Odin v3.

Downloads to Update Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I with Jelly Bean | Downloads

Once you are there you need to press Volume Up button to continue. If you are successfully connected, a similar screen like the one shown below will appear on your computer screen. If you fail to get a similar screen there is something wrong with your connectivity, so kindly reconnect your Samsung Galaxy S3 on another USB port or try reinstalling the USB drivers. Now before proceeding further make sure that you have check marked "Auto Reboot" and "F.

Reset Time" in Odin. Once the process is successfully completed, your device will restart. Now remove your Galaxy S3 from the computer and enjoy the full privilege S3.