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Long before this British producer scored hits with Bruno Mars and acclaim with Amy Winehouse, he recruited White to lend a hand to the title track of his debut album that also features rapper Freeway and singer Nikka Costa. White played bass and guitar in this band in , and the evidence was re-earthed with the release of Hentch Forth Five , originally issued on vinyl only.

White collaborated the Stones on this stirring take of the album track, trading off vocal lines with Mick Jagger as mutual sign of respect. A leftfield collaboration with this Detroit combo has White, credited under the pseudonym of John S. O'Leary, as co-vocalist on a rocking mashup of rock and disco.

White sings lead and wrote the lyrics on three songs on this project by the famed producer and the Italian composer.

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More, please. This combo came together in while the Kills were touring with the Raconteurs. White is on drums and occasional vocals. His solo career started off relatively quiet on a number of acoustic numbers on the soundtrack Cold Mountain , back when the White Stripes were still kicking in high gear. Following the dissolution of the Stripes and work on various aforementioned collaborations, White dove full-on into life as a solo artist in with the release of Blunderbuss.

With it and a subsequent tour, White flipped the script on the minimalism of the White Stripes by employing not one but two multi-member bands — one female and one male. They take the top spot because it was in this duo — with drummer and ex-wife Meg White — that we first fell in love with Jack. These videos deserve your respect. Of all time! You might think heh that it looks like a Flying Toasters screensaver now, but 32 years ago, this video was pretty darn cutting-edge.

This stop-motion masterpiece still holds two illustrious MTV records: Remember when MTV played music videos? How INXS-ive! Sometimes, less is more. This was first video in which notoriously camera-shy frontman Michael Stipe agreed to lip-sync. Apparently, this was a good decision: What would Neil Young think? Instead it was this later one, depicting a bullied child who eventually commits suicide, that got all the glory. And the rest was history. Side note: The director of this video, which won four VMAs, did all right for himself: Titanic almost caused this video to sink: It may look like singer Jay Kay is boogie-ing on a giant conveyor belt in this video, which scored 10 VMA nominations and four wins, but it was all a very clever illusion created by director Jonathan Glazer utilizing moving walls.

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Jamiroquai recreated the dizzying effect with an actual moving floor for their insanely cool performance at the VMAs. Madonna holds the record with the most VMA wins 21 , and five of those Moonmen are for this warp-speed clip lensed by Jonas Akerlund. Akerlund went on to direct six other videos for Madge: She never replicated that success, but she returned to the MTV airwaves three years later with her polarizing and unhinged MTV Unplugged special. That won no awards. Missy Elliott.

An award for me to poop on, indeed. Wiggles from the Rock Steady Crew, and a bunch of live bumblebees deserves its due. Fun fact: According to an MTV interview with Meyers, Missy got totally drunk on the set, when he forgot to replace the wine in her glass with water during multiple takes of the restaurant scene. MTV decided that this Ed Sullivan spoof starring eight Andre s was definitely cooler than being cool: It won four VMAs in But clearly it was all worth it. What a wild ride. This circus-themed ceremony, starring the Lucent Dossier Vaudeville Cirque, was a great start to Panic!

Even more incredibly, band members Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross had the flu while making it. However, we do think Britney totally could have rocked the silver bodypaint, custom-mixed by makeup guru Pamela Neal, that Rihanna wore in this memorable shoot. The basic plot of this bathhouse tour de force, directed by Francis Lawrence of Hunger Games fame, was Gaga — in a faux polar bear-fur jacket, razorblade sunglasses, and inch Alexander McQueen platform shoes — getting kidnapped by a gang of supermodels who drug her and sell her to the Russian mafia. Typical Gaga, then.

She has a serious side, too. Rihanna feat.

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Her co-star, Brown lookalike Dudley O'Shaughnessy, bleached his hair blond for the shoot, and he and RiRi even reenacted a portion of police report account of her car fight with Brown. The Floria Sigismondi-directed, extremely haunting clip warrants multiple viewings, preferably with a box of extra-ply tissues at the ready. But what a difference a year makes. Despite recent tragedies, the whole world is still secretly jealous of France. Beautiful countryside, deep history, stunning architecture, unparalleled art collections, the wine, the food… did I mention the food?

But France had to fight for what it is today. The day commemorates the start of the French Revolution, when the common people rose up and stormed the Bastille, a fortress that held gunpowder and political prisoners. Within a few weeks, feudalism was abolished in France.

This playlist features music you really need to hear by French artists.

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Viva la France! Anyone can write a protest song. Maybe your allowance is too small! There are all kinds of things to make you mad. Good people go to jail. Bad people get off on a technicality.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Steve Earle has certainly done his best to update this sentiment, but I find myself drawn to the old folky classic, nonetheless. It makes everything seem so quaint. It begins by dating itself in the summer of , which is now more than 25 years ago. I dunno. Which is what makes this country so great. We all have freedom of expression and the right to use a hammer as we see fit. It makes you bored just thinking about it.

No one can actually remember the verses.

The references are completely dated, but the chorus is one of those keepers that will haunt us all the days of our lives. Gaye managed to record an entire concept album about waking up and smelling the social injustices of the oncoming s, an album that nowadays bears a worthy relisten.

Bob Dylan has a handful of songs expressing dissatisfaction with the way the world works. An awful lot of people ended up dead in the s. And not just because they partied too much. That came later.

Some people were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. For some reason, many people do not like even the idea of change. When the smoke clears, is there proof through the night that their careers are still there? Say what you will about the rocker-turned- Idol judge, but unlike most of the others on our worst list, he actually hits all the notes he goes for. Eden Grinshpan is sharing her favorite recipes for a New Year39;s Eve party, including mini lamb burgers, spinach-artichoke bites and winter punch.

It was fun while it lasted. Cryptocurrencies soared and then they crashed. But true aficionados believe the underlying blockchain still has potential. The Trump administration on Friday said limits on mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants were unnecessary as they were too costly, sparking an outcry from environmentalists who feared the next step would be looser rules favoring the coal industry at the expense of public health. Kanye West. Philip Roth. King Kong. Tonya Harding. We can go on, but why dont you see for yourself.

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