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I quite appreciate the "notes" section as I can put in further details about my day.

You may find this helpful if you have medications to take -- you can record that you've taken them on that day and check back to following days, editing previous days if need be this point covers all data entries, actually. You can log the food you eat in grams which is a fantastic option as you can log the exact amount that you have eaten. You can also set a target per day in calories or kilojoules.

It adjusts to allow you more calories if you exercise.

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You can also log your water intake too, all for free. The only addition which would make it even better would be if you were able to scan barcodes.

17 Healthy Eating Apps That'll Keep You on Track Toward Your Goal

Overall a very good app that is helping me to lose weight. Using the app has made me realize how many calories there are on foods and therefore improving my health by eating much healthier. I have lost 12 kilos is 5 months and gone down 2 sizes in cloths. I love being able to scan a product if it is not listed. I also love being able to add my favourite recipes to the app then weigh my serve in grams and it gives me the calories. Great Australian app The only problem I see with this app is that I now have to buy a whole new wardrobe of cloths!

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Bug fixes. A picture is worth a thousand words.

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Capture what you eat in photos: Use your photos as a reminder to enter foods later - or simply take them as a visual record of memorable meals. Other updates: Bug fixes and performance improvements. Capture information affecting your eating - for example, you can make a note of your moods, your symptoms and special occasions. Enter your notes at the bottom of the Diary screen using text via typing or voice recognition and emoticons.

Top 10 diet apps to help you lead a healthier life.

The menu button in the top left corner has been replaced by a tab bar at the bottom of the diary screen. The tab bar shows major options e. Diary, Weight, Recipes. The More button When you tap the scan icon, the scanning window now opens in the lower half of the screen with searching in the top half, so you can easily move between scanning foods and searching the food database.

A torch button enables you to light the barcode when necessary. Scanning now integrated into the Search screen Torch option for scanning Bug fixes and performance improvements. Now you can search the whole database, including brand name products, in one seamless experience. See these much-requested nutrients alongside existing major nutrients.

Get help from within Easy Diet Diary. If you have an app or device that records your weight in Apple Health we can automatically sync that data with Easy Diet Diary. Is losing weight constantly one of your new year's eve resolutions?

The 10 Best Weight Loss Apps That Help You Shed Pounds

Make that resolution a reality with help from these 10 diet apps. A series of mini articles on superfoods plus a handy guide to each individual superfood and its specific health benefits. Enter your vital stats and this app will show you your ideal weight and work out a long-term goal for you, including a grocery shopping list and personalised dining menu.

Download the App: A free cookbook with complete nutritional information and a wide choice of dietary options including budget, gourmet, diabetes-friendly and gluten-free recipes. A handy app for those following Weight Watchers with a library of over 30, foods including restaurant meals. Choose from more than different diet plans, then make a shopping list, track your meals, record your weight and monitor your progress.

Put in your height and current weight and this app calculates your body mass index BMI.

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Enter your height, weight, age and allergies and this app will score a range of foods according to how healthy they are for you.