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Gmail's cleaner, brighter mobile app rolls out to everyone this week. To be clear, fantasy football drafts happen 1x per year for those who clearly are living under a rock I thought the tablet should be able to offer at least the same features to what my iPad circa can. Comparing Apple devices and Amazon devices is like comparing oranges and, well Two completely different devices. While they are both tablets, they run different Operating Systems, and one is a high end device, while the other is a low end device, designed mainly for entertainment purposes.

How to Use ESPN Fantasy Football App

This has nothing with comparing features though. Just because ESPN doesn't provide their app to Amazon doesn't mean the feature or ability isn't there. ESPN just chose not to format a specially designed app for Amazon's systems. If I need serious work done, I use a tablet or my laptop designed for those needs.

ESPN Fantasy Sports

Fires are cheap, and they are cheap for a reason. LOL, only appears folks are fired up.

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You posted in a public forum, you're going to get responses, oft times not the responses in which you desire or seek. As for living under a rock, some of us could care less about "Fantasy Football drafts" and whether or not they occur just once a year - I am one of those. That being said As for the OP: Yeah, my previous post was more of a "thumb-to-nose" moment Folks shouldn't assume because they can't do something that it is not possible to be done I'm an almost 60 year old grandmother, and have actually play Fantasy Football in the past, from the Draft all the way thru the season.

And yea, insulting the people you're asking for help is extremely bad form.

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Nothing Amazon can do about that. Talk to ESPN. Last edited by CatChat: Aug 12,

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