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Affecting the exact same platforms, multiple cross-site scripting issues and a memory corruption issue exist in WebKit, a software component required to display web pages in Safari. Visiting a maliciously crafted website may lead to a cross-site scripting attack.

Visiting a maliciously crafted website may lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution. Download iOS 5.

The solution is to hold your power button and home button together until the phone turns black Turns off. Then you have to plug in the computer end of the usb cable. Then, you must hold shift while clicking restore. That will let you pick the ipsw file. Restore to the downloaded one from this site.

All fixed: I downloaded redsn0w on my iphone 4 — after updating to 5. Can you help me recover them? Hey Judy i did had the same issue as u yesterday and really would love my photos back.

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Did you get help in retrieving your photos? Hi I need help. I have the ipod 4g and I think I messed it up doing something like this. It promted me to restore my ipod so I did. I have tried to restore it twice now and currently doing so. I than had the choice to either make it a new ipod, or restore from a backup.

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I chose to restore from a backup of yesterday before I updated to ios 6. It also says it will take three hours. Did I mess up my iPod? Is there any way my information is still on my computer somewhere? Can someone please help me?

Did I completely screw up my iPod? Is there a way it can be fixed? Please some one help. Hello, I have an iphone 4s running in 5. Does someone know what can I do? Put it in dfu mode, then download 5. Without the blobs you are just out of luck. Apple made sure to have IOS 6 erase the blobs.

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If you had the foresight to save the blobs then you can search google for downgrade to IOS 5. This should serve as a notice to all who want to upgrade to IOS 6 that you should save your SHSH blobs before just in case you decide you want to return to 5. Leaving country again thought I should back up new data. Plug my iPhone in mac pro to download pictures. After it told me this phone is already registered under my old and still same cell number. So I clicked just register under the number already registered under.

Still pluged into mac, it then asked for my password to use my wyfy. I entered it. Then unplugged to use. I was freak out. My phone was back to my old wallpaper picture. It link my phone back to ios 5.

How do I get apps for my iOS 5.1.1 on the app store

Lost all my notes. All text conversations ect. But it kept all my iBooks. Deleted all music I bought. Now that I have cooled down. I am glad to have ios 5 back. My google maps ect. So many people unable to downgrade. It appears that 5. I should have done them all last week when I had the chance! I had downloaded the ios upgrade file for 5.

My iphone is still on 4. Is it the case that after the release of 6. Please help! Can we still restore to iOS 5. Everyone enjoyed 5. This is crazy. If this is for iphone4 why does it say iphone3? Any help?? Does there any problem occurs after upgrading to ios 5. How i can update it to ios 5.

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