Ibm lotus traveler download for android

Start using your business apps on your smartphone with no tiresome setup procedures, no obscure guides and no lengthy calls to IT support desk. My Notes brings instant over-the-air access to your business applications from your iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. Follow 3 simple steps to get your business applications on your mobile:.

Get mobile application for your Android or iOS. Your phone is connected directly to your computer when in a local network.

My Notes cloud is used to securely transmit data between your computer and smartphone when on the go. No configuration quirks. No blocking firewalls. Choose Android. The file transfers. When the download completes, confirm that you want to install the Lotus Mobile Installer. Select Install. The Welcome screen displays. Select Next to continue.

Program Details

Select Agree , then select Next. Now enter the server address, user ID and password used for connecting to your Lotus Notes Traveler server.

Setting IBM Traveler Server for IBM Verse (Android App)

This will have been provided by your system administrator, then select Next. Select Next. Lotus Mobile Installer connects and begins scanning for any new updates or applications to install. When the Lotus Notes Traveler application has been found and is ready for installation, select Yes to begin the download and install the Lotus Notes Traveler client. Lotus Mobile Installer connects to the server and scans for software to install.

Select Yes when the Traveler application is found. Once the installation completes, select Open to start the Lotus Notes Traveler configuration wizard. Download of Lotus Notes Traveler client. Select Open. If your company has security policies in place, you may be asked to activate a security policy before continuing.

Select Activate. Displaying the configuration wizard.

IBM Lotus Notes on mobile

Your user ID, password, and server name are filled in for you, so select Next to begin registering the Lotus Notes Traveler client. Select Next to register. Select the applications you want to sync, and whether you would like to store the data using internal device storage or the SD card.

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Typically, if you plan on synching only a small set of data, you should choose internal phone storage. Select Finish when you have made your choices. Selecti applications to sync, and selecti internal phone storage. Select OK.

How do I Install the Lotus Traveler client on an Android device?

The installation of Lotus Notes Traveler on your Android device is complete. To synchronize your mail, from the home screen, access the menu, and tap the Notes Traveler application. The Lotus Notes Traveler screen displays. Once the synchronization is complete, you can tap the mail icon to see the new messages. Select mail icon in top left corner of device screen, then select Notes Traveler — New Mail. From the home screen, access the menu, and then press Calendar to see your Lotus Notes calendar entries.

My Notes | IBM Lotus Notes on iPhone, iPad and Android

The Calendar screen displays. Press any calendar entry to open it, and then press menu to see what actions you can take on this calendar entry. Tap a calendar entry, then press menu to see the options to set an alarm or decline the invitation. You can also view your Lotus Notes mail messages by opening the Mail application. From the home screen, access the menu, and then press the Mail application.

The Mail screen displays. Tap any mail message to read it, and then tap the menu to see what your options are for replying, forwarding, or taking other actions on this mail message.

For detailed information on using and configuring Lotus Notes Traveler for your Android device, refer to the Lotus Notes and Domino wiki at http: Closing screen with link to Lotus Notes and Domino wiki at http: Attachments 0. Edit the article to add or modify attachments.


Versions This version 14 Oct 1, , 7: Comments 1. I have been using lotus traveler on my android smartphone since last year. Then my andriod have been up date Another notification came.. When i try to reinput the right password, it could be syncronize and i get back my inbox. admin