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In a similar way to Angry Birds , the PlayBook's 7-inch screen plays a pivotal part in making this an essential purchase for owners of BlackBerry's touchscreen slate.

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Once you've planted your first few garden variety turrets, you'll find it hard to put the game down as you battle to prevent the onrush of undead from munching on your grey matter. You'll only be a few levels into Cut the Rope HD 's laudably simplistic yet agonisingly mindbending collection of physics puzzles before things start getting extremely tricky.

To play the game, you simply swipe your finger to snip a cord. At one end of the rope is a piece of candy with which you must feed the game's main character: Fast forward a bit and you'll be lining up elasticised ropes like slingshots, avoiding spiders, gaining lift from whoopee cushions and defying gravity - all in the name of confectionery-based feeding time.

In this PlayBook iteration of console game Dead Space , the story world is expanded upon via new character Vandal, who, despite donning similar threads to the original game's Issac Clarke, is a much more mysterious character. Guiding Vandal through the cold hard recesses of the Sprawl was easier said than done on iPad , not only due to the game's horrifying Necromorphs, but also due to some dodgy controls. But, the game feels like it was truly made for the PlayBook's 7-inch screen. The virtual controls are intuitive and well positioned, meaning it's even easier to enjoy the inter stellar production values on offer.

Gameloft has come under fire a fair bit lately, but whatever your opinions on the French outfit, it's hard to find too much to fault with Let's Golf! Yes, yes, it's pretty much a rip-off of Everybody's Golf , but Let's Golf! After selecting your golfer, you get to choose from a selection of international courses, from Kenya to Germany, with all manner of options and customisable features.

Before too long, you'll be kitting out your avatar in all manner of stylised chibi anime clothing. The world of Canabalt is falling apart, and as the sole survivor, you must dash across the collapsing rooftops in super-quick time. It may not be the most complex of games, but the simple tap-to-jump mechanic is part of what makes Canabalt so special. It's a pure shot of freerunning adrenaline, with none of the faffery that bogs down a lot of modern titles.

Papa's Burgeria may not be the most graphically impressive of titles out there, but it more than makes up for its visual shortcomings with some sharp and satisfying time-management gameplay. You'll start the game as a lowly burger flipper, taking orders and building burgers for the constant stream of customers waltzing through Papa's, an unsavoury-looking burger joint. As you progress, you'll be able to upgrade your humble restaurant with posters and even a waiting room TV, all the while ensuring that every customer gets the specific burger that he orders.

PewPew isn't just the sound you made when you were five imagining that the grubby bit of twig you were grasping was a tommy gun.

Free Blackberry PlayBook Apps and Games- With Links

No, it's also the name of this rather excellent retro-styled twin-stick shooter. PewPew pits your tiny spaceship avatar against an ever-expanding cyclone of bullets and enemy ships.

BlackBerry PlayBook Games Free Download

Your vessel may very well have shields, but if it takes too many big hits, it's goodnight, Vienna. The colourful lines on dark backgrounds coupled with the fast-paced nature of the gameplay call to mind the modern iterations of Pac-Man , especially the much-lauded Pac-Man Championship DX Edition. Upload various file types, including documents, images and video, to your Dropbox, and download files already stored in the cloud via BlackBerry tablet. The Android app runs very smoothly on the PlayBook, and I haven't come across any compatibility issues at all. Download the. The new OS 2.

But it doesn't offer all the functionality of the dedicated Android app. The software isn't designed for tablets, so you'll see quite a bit of blank space in the interface. I'm a voracious reader, and I've been dying for an Amazon Kindle app for PlayBook ever since Amazon said it would deliver one way back in September Unfortunately, the company still hasn't made good on its promise.

Top 10 best games for the BlackBerry PlayBook

And though I've been using the online Kindle Cloud Reader with my PlayBook for some time, I'm thrilled to finally have access to a Kindle for PlayBook app that lets me read while offline, take and save notes and much more. And the Android app runs like a charm on RIM's tablet.

It does have some games, y'know

The free version only offers two types of pool: But the three-dollar "Pro" version features many different styles of pool and a number of additional gameplay options, making it well worth the cash. If you haven't at least heard of the addicting phenomenon that is Words with Friends, you should probably drag yourself out from beneath that boulder. The online game is a "digital Scrabble" of sorts, in which you play other Internet-connected friends and attempt to form words with your allotment of letters.

I know, it sounds kind of boring, but it has swept the world of mobile apps by storm. Even movie start Alec Baldwin is hopelessly addicted. The Android app can be a bit buggy on the PlayBook at times, but it gets the job done. A number of Twitter apps are available for the PlayBook, including my personal favorite, Blaq , but no "official" Twitter app has been released for RIM's tablet.

Android Apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook

If you're familiar with the Android Twitter app, or simply prefer a basic but efficient Twitter experience on your PlayBook, you'll appreciate the official Twitter for Android app. Its clean interface makes Tweeting simple and easy. And it runs very well on the PlayBook. But it does give you online access to any and all music you may have stored in your Amazon Cloud Drive, and it's easier than firing up a browser to access your music every time you want it. I personally have upwards of 20GB of tunes on my Cloud Drive, so this app gives me access to a significant chuck of my digital music library, and I don't have to waste any valuable storage space on my PlayBook.

The Android app lags a bit on the PlayBook, but it works fine. Google Maps has always been one of my favorite online-mapping and navigation apps on a variety of mobile platforms, and it's probably the best such software on the PlayBook, even though it's an Android app and turn-by-turn navigation doesn't seem to work on RIM's tablet. However, the maps functionality works well, as does the basic GPS location feature, the driving- and walking-directions functionality and public transportation schedules, etc.

Shazam is a Web-based service that "listens" to music and delivers artist and song information, along with a variety of album details and more.

Free Android Apps for BlackBerry PlayBook: 10 Best Downloads

It may not be an app you'll use every day, but you'll sure be glad to have it when that song you couldn't get out of your head last week starts playing on the radio again and Shazam identifies it for you. The Android app had trouble delivering album art, and it had some issues identifying lesser known artists and songs, but no comparable apps are available for PlayBook at this time so it's definitely worth a download.

The point of the Paper Toss game is very simple: