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You can even erase backgrounds so that picture in your living room looks like it was taken on a beautiful Caribbean beach. This is a lot more than a basic photo editor, though.

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Photopea uses layers and history like high-end photo editors do, so if you already know your way around Photoshop, you'll know exactly what to do. It even includes a full suite of filters and artistic effects so that family snapshot could look like something from the s or the Wild, Wild West.

Photopea: advanced image editor

For professionals, you can work in CSS, put down guides for perfect spacing and arrangement, and get all the image properties and information you need, like the exact X and Y values of that pesky pixel. OK, it's a free, powerful image editor with a lot of neat stuff, but maybe you're not convinced yet. And don't most of those require like a high-end graphics workstation? The good news is Photopea runs in a web browser like Chrome or Firefox and doesn't drag your machine to a grinding halt.

You can run it on a laptop and go crazy with the filters and effects and it won't crash your computer or make you wait 10 minutes while everything loads. If you're a budding artist intimidated by all this talk of layers and filters, Photopea is still the program you want to check out. In the upper right of the window is a little purple button that says Learn.

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Click that and you'll find yourself in a miniature course in photo and image editing. Obviously, it's built around Photopea, but you'll learn about general graphic design topics like masking, layering, vector graphics, and smart tools. Like I said above, Photopea is free to use. However, the free version does display ads in a little bar on the right side of the screen.

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It has a pretty extensive set of editing controls and some other really cool features. Tap the pencil to edit.

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The controls are laid out along the bottom. Crop and rotate are separate controls. In the bottom-right, you can choose free crop or constrain it to a square.

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Any time you want to compare the new look to the original, you tap the rectangle with the vertical line icon pointed out by our handy red arrow. Remember, you can easily compare your changes with the original by holding the original button along the top. Nokia , Motorola The Image Store feature Provides you with an easy-to-use tool for updating Nokia phone software. To unlock nokia mobile phones you. Nokia mobile image editor download social advice Users interested in Nokia mobile image editor download generally download: PhotoPad Photo Editing Software 4.

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